Orchestral Works

Highland Suite

program notes (36 minutes)

An original suite in 6 movements which depicts the lives and heritage of the Scots-Irish people in Southern Appalachia.  Three of these movements - Echoes from the Past, Appalachian Lament, and Celebration - are also available individually and work well for Pops programs.

  • Appalachian Lament

  • Celebration

  • Echoes from the Past

Last Voyage of the Currituck

program notes (15 minutes)

A symphonic odyssey depicting the final voyage of an ill-fated ship from Boston to the West Indies in the mid nineteenth century. Full of color, energy and passion, it also contains a virtuosic violin solo as the devil lures the crew and ship to its doom in the Bermuda Triangle. ~Commissioned by the North Carolina Symphony (2006)

  • Secure Cargo, Head Out

  • Sailors' Farewell - Rum and Hardtack

  • Thoughts of Home

  • Bermuda Triangle 1

  • Bermuda Triangle 2

  • Epilogue

Sketches from Pinehurst

program notes (25 minutes)

A five movement suite for symphony orchestra which reflects the uncomplicated American psyche and the simple American dream: specifically, the vision and labor of James Walker Tufts to change the land laid waste by logging, to the beauty of the now famous Pinehurst Resort.
    ~ Commissioned by the North Carolina Symphony (2005)
    ~ Available on CD through the North Carolina Symphony
I. The Dream (duration 4')
II. Building the Community (6', 30")  (available individually)
III. Intermezzo: The Golden Years (4' 45")
IV. Rumble on the Back Nine (2' 30")
V. Lament and Finale

Sundays at Shackleford Banks

program notes (10 minutes)

A musical picture of one of North Carolina’s treasures, the Outer Banks. Shackleford Banks is an island only accessible by boat.This piece is inspired by the imagination of a ten year old boy and his visits to the island. 
~Commissioned by Hugh Partridge and the Triangle Youth Philharmonic of Raleigh, NC (2006)

A Little Dance Suite (2007)

program notes (12 minutes)

This 5 movement suite depicts different musical styles, forms, rhythms etc. It is colorful, tuneful and rhythmically engaging; designed to captivate and educate the young listener.   A Little Dance Suite was a key component of the U.S. Department of Education grant received by the Canton Symphony Orchestra in 2004 to further the grant objectives of designing and implementing orchestra education in the classroom and concert hall according to state and national content standards in music.  Commissioned by the Canton Symphony Orchestra (2006)

It was a daunting task to create a work with such strict criteria (limited instrumentation, specific musical concepts, flexible ensemble size, etc.) Terry worked closely with the CSO Assistant Conductor, Director of Education, and grant personnel (teaching artists, music educators and consultants). He responded to numerous needs, suggestions and concerns to provide a piece that accomplished all that was asked, far beyond our expectation. 

~Lisa A. Boyer, Director of Education, Canton Symphony Orchestra

Four Scenes for Flute and Orchestra (A Mother’s Love)

program notes (22 minutes)

A very lyrical and moving portrait of a mother’s love for her children.

~Commissioned by Frank Laney (2001)