Solo and Chamber Music

Lamento for Don Quixote

program notes (9 minutes)

For trumpet and strings, including double bass.

contact Mizesko Music for rental contractTrumpet and piano reduction available for sale.  $17.00

Twelve variations on a descending harmonic ground with a Spanish flavor. This piece depicts the wide range of emotions experienced by Cervantes’ character on his quest. The trumpet part is difficult.  Commissioned by Michelle Hudson for her husband, Tim, on his 40th birthday (2005)

Excerpts from Lamento for Don Quixote,  Paul Randall- Trumpet,  Donna Jolly - Piano

  • Lamento Excerpt 1

  • Lamento Excerpt 2

  • Lamento Excerpt 3

  • Lamento Excerpt 4

Concertpiece for Trombone and Piano

program notes

For sale through Gordon Cherry Classics

Divertimento for Clarinet and String Quintet

(32 minutes)

A virtuosic tour de force for both clarinet and string quintet (including double bass). The finale, Rondo lesca is a potpourri of different ethnic European styles. 

~Commissioned by Michael Cyzewski and Scott Bridges -2004

Excerpts from Divertimento for Clarinet and String Quintet  Mike Cyzewski - clarinet, and friends

  • Divertimento Track 1

  • Divertimento Track 2

  • Divertimento Track 3

Four Vignettes for Violin and Viola

(15 minutes)

Four light and entertaining pieces for violin and viola.  Can be performed separately or as a whole.

  1. Galop
  2. Lament
  3. Gavotte and Trio
  4. Dances with Magyars

For sale: $20.00, includes parts and score.
Note: Only the 4th movt. is recorded.

  • Dances with Magyars